French President Macron Will Replace Trump’s Dead ‘Friendship Tree’

President And Mrs. Trump Welcome French President Macron To White House

Less than a week after it hit the media that the “friendship tree” given to Donald and Melania Trump by French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte had died, the leader of France has vowed to replace it.

The Daily Beast says that Macron is asking that people not read too much into the death of the tree, insisting that “death is not a tragedy.” Many have likened the death of the tree to the state of the relationship between the United States and France, but Macron is urging that people “not see symbols where there are none.”

The sapling from the oak tree was taken from a former battleground in France where nearly 2,000 American soldiers died during World War I. Macron explains that the reason the tree died was that it was kept in quarantine for so long for health and legal reasons.

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French President Macron Will Replace Trump’s Dead ‘Friendship Tree’

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