Top 10 Hottest Paige Elkington Pics On Instagram

Paige Elkington attends Prada And Flaunt Celebrate The Aftershock Issue: New America.

Last week at Burning Man, Los Angeles model Paige Elkington performed an x-rated number on stage with Australian DJ Flume, also known as Harley Streten. It turns out that Elkington is Flume’s girlfriend.

During the performance, Flume performed a sex act on Elkington in response to a fan’s sign asking about it, according to The Daily Mail. This is not the first time the model made headlines. In 2017, she posed for a picture with actor Jeff Goldblum with her friend Kate Parfe, but that moment seemed tame in comparison to her recent headlines. In fact, Elkington posted a video of the Burning Man moment, which she later deleted, and it read “sorry mom.”

The Tennesee native attended college at the College of Charleston in South Carolina and later moved to Los Angeles through her job with a music label.

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Top 10 Hottest Paige Elkington Pics On Instagram

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