NYC’s Metropolitan Museum Returns Stolen Ancient Coffin To Egypt

A coffin lid from Egypt with a gilded mask is displayed at the Field Museum

The United States has returned an ancient coffin to Egypt after an investigation determined the object had been stolen from the country back in 2011.

The antique was in exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, which had acquired it from a global art trafficking network. As reported by BBC News, an investigation determined that said network used fraudulent documents to conduct the transaction, and that the coffin was stolen and smuggled out of the northern African country eight years ago.

The gilded coffin of a priest named Nedjemankh, of the ram-headed god Heryshef of Herakleopolis, was around 2,100 years old — hence dating back to the first century B.C. Before the investigation, it was being shown in an exhibit at the Met that featured Egyptian artifacts. And now, it has finally been returned to its origin country by U.S. authorities.

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NYC’s Metropolitan Museum Returns Stolen Ancient Coffin To Egypt

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