Draya Michele Sizzles In Revealing White Bikini On Instagram

Draya Michele wears a gray dress.

Draya Michele posted a new photo set to her Instagram feed a day ago. There were four pictures in total, all which showed the model sizzling in a white bikini. The bottoms, in particular, were especially revealing.

The ensemble consisted of a top with very thin straps. It had a low scoop neckline that left her cleavage on display. Meanwhile, the bikini bottoms featured a high cut. The straps were thick and rested high on her waist. Not only that, it had a thong-cut in the back.

All of the images were taken in the same spot in close succession to one another. They were all cropped in such a way that most of her face was obscured. This meant that the focus was entirely on her figure. In addition, Draya was seen inside a white bathroom. She stood next to a counter with a modern sink.

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Draya Michele Sizzles In Revealing White Bikini On Instagram

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