David Harbour Wants ‘Black Widow’ To Be Released Digitally

David Harbour poses for pictures

David Harbour wants you to know, he’d like to see Black Widow just as much as everyone else. The latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe was supposed to be debuting on May 1. The coronavirus changed those plans. Now it’s not clear when the movie might be released beyond “this fall.”

Harbour isn’t ok with that. He thinks at this point, Disney should release the film straight to digital and let the fans have a little bit of a treat while they are cooped up indoors and away from everyone else. Screen Rant reported he would even be okay if it released on Disney Plus. What’s important to him is that it release somewhere, where people can get their hands on it, in their homes.

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David Harbour Wants ‘Black Widow’ To Be Released Digitally

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