Cindy Kimberly Lies In Bed In A Lacy Thong & Sweater

Cindy Kimberly wears a black dress.

Cindy Kimberly took to her Instagram page today to share her second post of the month. In the sizzling photo, the popular social media star lied on her back in a bed and showed off her legs and hips in a lacy white thong.

The photo was taken from above and Cindy glanced at the camera with a sultry expression on her face with her lips parted. Her deep red lipstick was hard to miss, along with her pink shimmery eyeshadow that was highlighted with silver.

The cutie rested her head on a large, white pillow and raised both of her hands. She placed her right hand on the top of her head and left her other hand above it on the pillow. She also crossed her left leg on top.

The model’s outfit included a cream sweater from Suspicious Antwerp with a patch on her left side with a sugar skull. Plus, she rocked a thong with a lacy strap with floral accents.

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Cindy Kimberly Lies In Bed In A Lacy Thong & Sweater

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