Yaslen Clemente Pops Booty In Butterfly Bikini Bottoms

Yaslen Clemente takes a selfie.

Yaslen Clemente shared a flirty new photo series with her Instagram fans today, opting to showcase her curves in a butterfly bikini as she held a plate of treats. In the first snap, she popped her booty for a sexy new snap that seemingly captured many of her admirers’ attention.

The model posed with her back angled towards the camera as she propped out her left leg. She arched her back and glanced over her left shoulder at the camera with a flirty expression on her face. She smiled widely and stuck her tongue out, and her derrière was hard to miss.

Her bikini bottoms were white with an extremely high-waisted fit. There were pink butterflies throughout and the high-rise cut in the back left half of her booty on show. The bottoms also had side ties that cinched together.

Yaslen held a white plate with a colorful, enormous cookie on it with multi-colored frosting.

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Yaslen Clemente Pops Booty In Butterfly Bikini Bottoms

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