Neurologist Says ‘We’re Right To Worry About’ Donald Trump’s Health

President Donald Trump gives his speech at the commencement ceremony for army cadets on June 13, 2020 in West Point, New York. The graduating cadets were sent home in March due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but have been ordered back to attend the commencement after the president announced he would continue with the previously planned address.

President Donald Trump seemed to have difficulty walking down a ramp after his commencement speech at West Point this past weekend, which, along with his seeming difficulty lifting a water glass, has raised questions about his potential health problems. Dr. James Merikangas, who is a board-certified neurologist and clinical professor of neuropsychiatry, spoke out about the president’s possible health issues after seeing the videos of the event, according to The Independent.

On Saturday, after chatter about Trump’s awkward ramp walk ran wild on social media, inspiring the hashtag #TrumpIsNotWell, he tweeted about the situation. He claimed that the ramp was long and steep, slick, and did not have a rail, which is why he took such care with his descent. Then, he said that toward the end, he went faster because he had momentum. However, only one of the president’s claims appeared to be true — the ramp did not have a rail.

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Neurologist Says ‘We’re Right To Worry About’ Donald Trump’s Health

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